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Buy LG G3 Unlock Code – $12.95

We think you’ll agree – the LG G3 is by far the best LG has released so far with one of its most noticeable features being the extra-large, very clear screen.

It has a 5.5 QHD inch screen.  And an amazing 538 ppi that far outweighs its competition. The QHD 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolution is a much better quality than the previous version. It has a much sharper picture than the other top selling Android phones but the higher resolution consumes a lot more of the battery life.

Free Code to Unlock LG G3

Although it is a bigger phone it doesn’t have the feel of one.  The buttons for the volume and the power are much larger and found on the back of the phone.  They are easy to reach once you get used to looking for them in the rear of the phone instead of the front of the phone as on the Galaxy S5.  The LG G3 uses on screen keys instead of a physical home button which we find much more convenient.

New for the LG G3 is a removable battery and a removable micro SD slot.  This is a feature that we know a lot of the LG owners have been waiting for.

The G3 has a Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 processor 2.5GHz which is lighting fast when you are surfing the web or playing 3D games on it.  The processor is fast enough to keep even the games with the newest graphics running smoothly.

The new metallic frame is made out a polycarbonate material so it has the feel of a quality phone people have come to expect.

The new interface of the phone has clearer icons and the UI does not look like a child should be operating it.  That alone is a great improvement from the G2.  People will enjoy using the interface now.  Along with looking better it is less cluttered that the previous version.

Another great feature is the 13MP camera with a wider angle on it.  It also has a front 2.1MP camera that comes with a laser auto focus that makes it the quickest focusing smart phone on the market.

The one downfall with the G3 is it’s speaker/sound.  It was not clear and lacked the volume and depth that we expect from a high-end device.

All in all we would recommend the LG G3 to anyone.  It is more reasonably priced than the other high end cell phones and while  different carriers charge different prices it is basically about fifty dollars cheaper that its counterparts and has all of the top of the line features that power users are looking for.

Instructions to Unlock LG G3 (D850,D851,D853,D854,D855,D856,D857,D858,D859,F400)

  1. Insert SIM card
  2. Go to dial screen and type 2945#*model number#
  3. Choose “Network Lock” or “Service Provider lock”
  4. Enter the unlock code from one of the sites above
  5. Choose “Done”
  6. Click “Unlock”.

For LG G3 (AT&T D850), enter 2945#850#
For LG G3 (T-Mobile D851), enter 2945#
For LG G3 (D853), enter 2945#853#
For LG G3 (D854), enter 2945#
For LG G3 (D855), enter 2945#855#
For LG G3 (D856), enter 2945#
For LG G3 (D857), enter 2945#857#
For LG G3 (D858), enter 2945#
For LG G3 (D859), enter 2945#859#
For LG G3 (F400K), enter 2945#


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