12 May , 2015  

Buy LG G4 Unlock Code – $12.95

The LG G4 has come out this time with a phone that has optional leather back.  We are not talking about some cheaply made fast treated chemically tanned leather back.  This leather is comparable to the high quality leather that you find in the expensive stores.  It takes 3 months to process this leather.  It will resist water stains and scratches.  I will cost you an extra fifty bucks though.

LG G4 Unlock Codes

The plastic version of this phone runs $649.00 U.S. dollar price.  For the model with the leather back it will set you back $700.00 U.S. dollars.  We think it is well worth it to not have to deal with cold glass that attracts fingerprints like the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the slippery back of the HTC One M8.

LG G4 has display that will compare to any of the competition display screens with their new Quantum display.  This brings in more color into it.  It doesn’t oversaturate or overcompensate for the colors.  It is twenty percent color rich and twenty five percent brighter for easier viewing outdoors.  The screen is 5.5 inches with slightly curved gorilla glass 3 covering it for durability.

The camera is comparable to the Galaxy S6.  They both have 16 megapixel cameras.  The LG G4 has a new optical image stabilization module that steady’s your shot when taking a picture.  The Galaxy S6 Edge also doesn’t launch their camera as fast as the LG G4 does.

The 16 MP rear facing camera has the optical image stabilization, a spectrum sensor and the main camera is equipped with laser auto focus.  The rear camera has 8 MP in it. We also like its 1.8 lens.

The battery in the LG G4 is removable and has wireless and turbo charging capabilities.  This will please a lot of Samsung customers who were disappointed with Samsung’s decision to get rid of the removable battery in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

We are impressed with the upgrade by the LG G4’s new leather look and feel.  We like the display on the phone that shows the right colors without extreme saturation.  The camera is fast loading and easy to work with and will take great pictures.  We like the removable battery and the wireless and turbo charging.  We would recommend this phone as a top runner that is priced right for anyone looking for a great phone at a reasonable price.

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