Rogers Unlock Code

Choose the type of Rogers device you need to unlock and provide your IMEI. Delivery times will vary by manufacturer and are listed below on the “Additional Information” tab.

  • Enter the IMEI of the device you need to unlock. *#06# on your phones keypad to find your IMEI.
  • Price: $0.00


Looking for a FREE unlock code?  Complete one of the TrialPay offers (many of which are free trials) and receive your free unlock code.

Rogers Unlock Code – Get your Rogers cell phone unlocked using this IMEI unlock code or factory unlock service.  Unlock the Rogers HTC One M9, LG G3, Motorola Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4 and almost any other Rogers device.  Permanent unlocking via easy to use IMEI unlock codes.

Using this Rogers IMEI unlock code there is no need for flashing the phone to a different firmware, no software, no cables.  In most cases it’s as simple as putting in your new SIM and entering the Rogers unlock code when prompted.  It really couldn’t be any easier!  If you have flashed your phone to a custom ROM you will need to flash it back to the stock ROM in order for the unlock code to work.  Once you’ve entered your Rogers unlock code – you’re good to go – and can flash back to whatever custom ROM you were running before.

The iPhone unlock service does not provide a code – the lock status of your device is updated with Apple and Rogers as unlocked and you should be able to just put in your new SIM after we notify you that your iPhone is unlocked.  Some users have reported having to connect it to iTunes before phone was unlocked.  Regardless of the device – you should find unlock code instructions below.

How to enter Rogers Unlock Codes

Additional information

Rogers Unlock Code

Blackberry – $5.95, Blackberry 10 – $32.95, HTC – $12.95, iPhone – $???, LG – $12.95, Motorola – $24.95, Nokia – $???, Samsung All Levels – $49.95, Samsung NCK Only – $29.95, Sony – $???, ZTE – $29.95

Delivery Times

** Alcatel ** 5 min – 8 hours
** Blackberry ** 5 min – 8 hours
** Blackberry 10 ** 12 – 24 hours
** HTC ** 5 min – 8 hours
** LG ** 5 min – 8 hours
** Motorola ** 3 – 4 days
** Nokia ** 10 – 15 days
** Samsung ** 2 – 3 days
** ZTE ** 5 min – 8 hours


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