12 May , 2015  

Buy LG G4 Unlock Code – $12.95

The LG G4 has come out this time with a phone that has optional leather back.  We are not talking about some cheaply made fast treated chemically tanned leather back.  This leather is comparable to the high quality leather that you find in the expensive stores.  It takes 3 months to process this leather.  It will resist water stains and scratches.  I will cost you an extra fifty bucks though. More…

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Samsung Galaxy S6

25 Apr , 2015  

Buy Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlock Code – $24.95

The new Galaxy S6 is a bit of a disappointment to us.  The big issues are a bigger price, a smaller battery and the external removable storage has been eliminated.  It has sleeker design that the Galaxy S5 with the new case (no more plastic) and it does feel like a more premium phone, but the build is not as good as the HTC One M9 or the iPhone 6.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a fallen short in the new design.   The metal band looks identical to the Apple as well as the speaker and the headphone jack being placed at the bottom of the phone.  The camera protrudes out of the back of the phone.  This makes it susceptible to getting scratched and distressed.  In their efforts to keep the phone as flat as possible Samsung has left little room for a battery so that has gotten smaller than the Galaxy S5. More…

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HTC One M9

13 Apr , 2015  

Unlock HTC One M9 Free

Buy HTC One M9 Unlock Code – $9.95

The HTC One M9 is in stores and if you’re reading this post – it’s probably in your hands or in your pocket as well.  Now that you have it (and before you flash it) you’ll want to unlock it.  Using an IMEI unlock code you can quickly and easily unlock the HTC One M9.  For Free. More…

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