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Lumia 950 IMEI Unlock Code

9 Nov , 2015  

Lumia 950 IMEI Unlock Code

An Insight into the Lumia 950

One of the first things that you may notice about the Lumia 950 is that it is available in either matte white or black polycarbonate. When compared to other phones on the market, this isn’t exactly premium but it is very affordable to purchase if you want a budget phone. The Lumia 950 weighs 150g and it is 8.25mm thick, so it isn’t the slimmest phone around but it isn’t exactly the heaviest device around either. So now it’s time to move on to the shell of this phone and whether or not it compares to the iPhone and the Samsung models that are out there. To start with, the plastic shell isn’t really substantial, but the curves do help if you want to have a solid grip when you’re out on the go. The right edge has your standard volume button, a lock button and of course the camera button as well, so there aren’t any problems there.

As for the screen, you can take whopping 20MP photos and it is no doubt that this phone will excel when it comes to taking movies as well. The camera also has a triple LED flash and it comes complete with image stabilisation as well, so not only can it shoot 4K video, it can also shoot Living Images. Another great feature that this phone has to offer is the sensor, which can be used to pinpoint the focus of the image being taken so you can really cut down on blur and other potential problems.

The camera at the front is 5MP and it can shoot video of up to 1080p so it is ideal if you want to take plenty of photographs or if you want something that will fuel your thirst for adventure when you’re out on the road with the Lumia 950.

Lumia 950 IMEI Unlock Code



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