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Refund Policy

–In the event that we cannot provide a viable unlocking code for your cellular device, we will issue a full refund.

–If a valid code we supply won’t unlock your device, we require video proof prior to issuing a refund. The video must show:

  1. Pressing *#06# to display the IMEI number

  2. Input of the unlocking code into the device

–Unlocking codes are non-refundable if:

  1. No video evidence is provided as proof of failure.

  2. Unlocking codes were purchased from another service.

  3. You provided an incorrect IMEI number and we already issued an unlocking code.

  4. The device has become hardlocked due to repeated attempts to unlock it with incorrect codes.

  5. The unlocking procedure was successful but your device is incompatible with your chosen cellular network. It’s your responsibility to ensure compatibility of all components.

  6. Retrieving the unlocking code takes longer than expected due to unforeseen delays. Our turnaround times are highly accurate, and we are not responsible for unexpected delays.

Note: If you receive an error code or need additional help, please contact us immediately for assistance.

Please allow up to seven days for refunds to register on your account.

Privacy Policy

We’re fully committed to guarding your privacy, and we follow the 1998 Data Protection Act regarding information collection and storage. When you place an order or contact us for support, we gather data necessary to perform the requested services, but we never collect sensitive data without your explicit consent. We’ll only contact you if it’s essential to completing an order or service.

We don’t share information with other sites, nor will we rent or sell your information to solicitors. Credit card data used to place orders is always protected by the latest security protocols.