5 Nov , 2015  

ZTE ZMAX Vs the Galaxy Note 3

The ZTE ZMAX has a very reliable performance to say the least. This makes it somewhat of a gem when compared to other phones on the market, because it isn’t very often that you find a phone that can give you a reliable performance, a big screen and all at a low price. The ZTE comes with a 5.7″ screen and this is great if you actually want a phone with a bigger screen, but normally phones like this come with a shortened battery life due to performance issues but you’d be surprised to know that this isn’t the case with the ZTE ZMAX. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is much more expensive and even though it is better on paper, when you have them both in front of you, you actually can’t notice a difference.

How to unlock ZTE ZMAX


Either way, the ZTE ZMAX is taller and wider than the Galaxy Note 3. The ZTE ZMAX comes with sloped volume buttons which helps to keep them ergonomic and this makes it easier to use when compared to the Galaxy Note 3 as well. With the ZTE ZMAX having a 720p LCD screen and plenty of brightness options, it really is a steal and it is ideal if you want something that isn’t small, awkward to use and easily lost. The Wi-Fi on the ZTE ZMAX is relatively the same as the Samsung Galaxy 3 and the phone experienced no issues when you connect to a solid network.

So overall, the only thing that makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 better than the ZTE ZMAX is the fact that you can customise it a little more, but even then, that clearly isn’t worth the extra price that you’d need to pay, making the ZTE ZMAX the standout choice in this comparison.

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